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Knobotrons now available in pink/yellow neon colors

Many of our customers have been asking for more colors.

After months of shortages, we were finally able to find beautiful pink and yellow neon filament made out of bioplastic.

As of today, all our Knobotron sets are available in pink and yellow, as well as the existing orange and green, for the same low prices.

Knobotrons are available for these synths:

  • Elektron Analog/Digi (fits Analog Rytm MKII, Analog Four MKII, Octatrack MKII, Digitakt, Digitone and Analog Heat MKII)
  • Korg Monotribe
  • Korg SQ-1
  • Korg Volca Bass
  • Korg Volca Beats
  • Korg Volca Drum
  • Korg Volca FM
  • Korg Volca Keys
  • Korg Volca Kick
  • Korg Volca Mix
  • Korg Volca Modular
  • Korg Volca Nubass
  • Korg Volca Sample
  • Make Noise 0-Coast
  • Make Noise 0-Ctrl
  • Make Noise DPO
  • Make Noise Echophon
  • Make Noise Erbe-Ver
  • Make Noise Maths
  • Make Noise René
  • Make Noise Strega
  • Moog DFAM
  • Moog Mother-32
  • Moog Subharmonicon
  • Moog Werkstatt-01

Prices range from $5 to $18, based on the number of controls on the device.

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