Transparent Reusable Face Mask
Transparent Reusable Face Mask
Transparent Reusable Face Mask
Transparent Reusable Face Mask
Transparent Reusable Face Mask
Transparent Reusable Face Mask
Transparent Reusable Face Mask

Transparent Reusable Face Mask

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Vacuum-formed transparent face mask with replaceable filters and an excellent seal.

  • works with FaceID, might require setup of alternate appearance
  • excellent smile and lip-reading visibility
  • great airflow through natural vertical convection (top and bottom openings)
  • replaceable filters that can be cut from any flat filter material (shape templates included)
  • treated with temporary anti-fog spray, two anti-fog wipes are included
  • edge is lined with soft weather-sealing foam to create an excellent seal
  • flexible but rigid mask shell allows for comfortable facial muscle movements, you can smile and grimace again!

This mask design is available for free as open-source with complete building instructions:

Comes with:

  • 1x finished transparent mask with installed filters
  • 1x black elastic band * 2x anti-fog Rain-X wipes
  • 2x set of replacement filters
  • 1x filter shape template for top filter
  • 1x filter shape template for bottom filter
  • 1x filter replacement tool
  • 1x usage documentation
  • single-user 10% rebate code for Filti mask material purchase

We made and donated over 1000 opaque 3D printed masks that have been fit-tested and and particle tested with great results. Using the same shape and fundamental design, we spent 4 months designing a transparent mask that fits better, has more airflow and better filtration.

For masks sizing: measure down from the bridge of the nose to the bottom of the chin. Don't follow the curve, make sure to measure in a straight line, see photo.

This is how the sizes relate to the measured length:

  • XL : length >= 5"
  • L : length 4.5"-5"
  • M : length < 4.5"

We currently only offer the L and XL size and are working on finalizing the design for the M size.

It's recommended to daily replace the filters when in constant use.
For occasional use, weekly replacement is acceptable.
Recommended filter materials are:

  • Filti :
  • BioDefensor:

Anti-fog spray should be applied by using a microfibre cloth, spraying the cloth in order to not wet the mask's filters, then gently pat (not wipe) the inside of the mask with the humidified part of the cloth. Let dry overnight.

Recommended anti-fog products:

  • Rain-X :

Outside use of the mask in cold temperatures will cause condensation and reduced transparency.

NO GUARANTEES: This mask is not approved as N95 replacements and is not guaranteed to help against COVID-19 or any other disease. We have however done extensive research and the model we provide is the best we can create with our available tools and supplies.

IMPORTANT: This mask is fully handmade, including the cutting and trimming of edges and filter openings. There are inherent visual defects and imperfections that result from the hand-made process, but they don't diminish the day-to-day use of the mask and overall transparency

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jason Daniello
Great For Flights!

I bought this mask to fly with. It was my first flight after a year, so I was very nervous. I wore this mask and felt very safe and comfortable the whole trip. Thanks!!

Joel Tamas
Couldn't ask for anything more!

Well-made, intelligently designed, true to the description, reasonable price when compared to other similar products, love the customization for a specific fit, prompt delivery, good communication. What more could you ask for? Literally nothing. This is a great product from a great seller.

John Worthington
Exactly what I hoped for

The masks works and fits great. The product was exactly as described. The seller was excellent to communicate with and filled the order promptly.

David Spector
What a great mask

This is a great mask! Well constructed and fits really well. The inclusion of extra filters and other supplies is a great bonus.

Will Sparger
Top notch!

Fits perfectly, comfortable, great quality!